What are Stacking Rings and How Do You Wear Them?

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Stacking rings, as the name suggests, are multiple rings worn on top of each other on the same finger. Although stacking rings are known to have originated in the 16th century, where doubled stoned Gimmel rings were used as an inspiration.

diamond stacking rings

But they did not become popular until the mid-20th century. Thus, it’s a relatively new trend in the world of ornaments. Stacking rings were initially made of golden bands or diamond jewelry but now there is more creative freedom and several designs have been curated by mixing and matching. 

Here is how you can don your stacking rings in different styles:

Stacking Engagement, Wedding, and Anniversary Rings

One of the most typical ways of wearing diamond stacking rings by using all your matrimony milestones. Women tend to have a hard time deciding which ring to wear on what occasion. Thus, a simple solution is to simply wear all the rings! These can be stacked on your left hand’s engagement finger. It is more convenient than donning rings on both your hands – for you must leave on hand free for all the dirty work! It also gives women a chance to flaunt the expensive anniversary ring by creating a triple stack of engagement, wedding, and anniversary rings!

Stacking Vintage Rings

Antique jewelry enthusiasts can have a field day by stacking their collection and flaunting it to the world. Collectors stack rings from different eras – like the Art Deco, Edwardian and Georgian times – to illustrate a more hippie yet classy vibe. It is also a great conversation starter – especially on monotonous dates!

Maximalist Bling Ring Stacks

We all know the over-the-top accessories that are gaining momentum in the fashion industry – especially after singers like Rosalia, Rihanna, and several other hip hop artists and rappers donned them as a fashion statement. It was initially considered as a rather crude way of expressing oneself. But now it has become a fashion trend that everyone wants to experiment with. If you are new to this trend and are rather skeptical about it, but want to try it on anyway, then consider starting with stack rings. Wear gigantic studded rings on top of each other or sandwich a huge gemstone solitaire ring between two thin-rimmed rings.  

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Artificial jewelry stacking rings are also famous with design inspirations drawn from wildlife, floral, vintage, and celestial beings.  

Thin Rimmed Minimalist Stacking Rings

An antithesis of the above-mentioned stacking ring style is the minimalist stacking ring. Simplistic rings made from rose, yellow or white gold, tungsten, cobalt, platinum, pallidum, or even stainless steel can be worn every day for a minimalist, low-maintenance yet edgy look. Thin rimmed rings are usually easier to stack, but rings of varying sizes are also preferred. 

Channel-Set Stacking Rings

One of the most appealing stylings of stacking rings is through the usage of channel or bezel set rings. They are easier to stack since the stone is not protruding unlike other rings and on top of that, it prevents wear and tear due to sudden impact. Channel setting stacking rings look stunning in various sizes – although the sleeker ones are preferred for a more modern and refined look.

Posey Stacking Rings

Posey rings are stamped rings with sentimental engravings on them. They tend to be cheaper than precious stone rings and look impressive when worn as stacking rings. They are a winner as stacking rings since a simplistic ring can be stacked to elevate your final look. On top of that, they make great milestone gift items – especially for best friends, mothers, or siblings!

Interconnected Hoops as Stacking Rings

The most stunning variation of stacking rings is interconnecting hoops. These rings have been designed by drawing inspiration from individual stacking rings. Thus, they can be put on more conveniently. Common interconnecting stacking rings are made from gold and silver with tiny engraving, textures, and protrusions for a classy and eye-catching look.

Finally, stacking rings may not be as sensationalized as the other rings but they are a quick and easy way to make a fashion statement. And if you are a ring enthusiast who is bored of wearing the same pieces over and over again, mixing them up and wearing them as stacking rings might get you more excited!

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