Air Purifiers are important for a healthy lifestyle

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Air purifiers are gadgets that are used to separate harmful particles present in the air. Air purifiers are used for indoor purposes only. This appliance has been proved healthy and efficient for people who suffer from breathing problems or that have asthma. Proving it to be an efficient device for indoor cleaning purposes. 

There is a variety of air purifiers based on price. Cheap air purifiers include a carbon filter that absorbs and remove harmful gases present in the air. On the other hand, are the accentuated carbon filters, but due to their price to performance comparison, they can be termed as a waste of money. They could be considered effective if their price was low. They cost around 200 dollars.

Most people think that Air conditioners work as air purifiers but they are wrong. As the air conditioner simply regulates the air inside a room, it doesn’t purify the room.

You need an air purifier if you have children and older people living inside a house as it reduces the risk of breathing problems. An air purifier can also reduce unpleasant odor from the room. It is better to turn the air purifier on before going to sleep. As you will wake up fresh in the morning with clean and pleasant air.

Blueair Air purifier:

A Blue air purifier is an accentuated form of an air purifier. That is more effective and efficient in cleaning any form of dust, pollen, dust particles, smoke from your room. Blueair Air purifiers work on technologies based on mechanical and electrostatic tech. Blue air purifier has a high rate of speed in comparison with other common air purifiers. It kills 99.9% of germs ranging from different sizes including 0.1 microns. You have to change the filters inside the Blue air purifiers every 6-months to keep its performance on

Area of placement

An air purifier can be placed anywhere inside the room or in a covered place. But if you can figure the source from where the particles, dust, or smoke is coming from like your neighbors. You can place the air purifier there. As it will be more effective. You can also place it near any window or a vent. You don’t have to get a purifier for each room instead you can get a single one. Modern air purifiers are easily moveable and can be moved from one room to another or even to other houses. 

Time to clean a room

A moderate air purifier commonly takes time ranging from 30 minutes to 120 minutes (2 hours). The rate of time needed to purify a room can be reduced if we cover up the room. Fan speed and size of the room can also affect the purification rate.


Blue air purifier is an enhanced version of air purifier. It works efficiently and cleans your room from harmful particles at a very high speed. Killing 99.99% germs. It also prevents the growth of germs on its filter. So, if you have any sort of breathing problems or air quality is very low in your room it is the best buy.

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